Capture more leads and close more deals with an AI assistant that never sleeps.

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Hi, I’m Elisse Moreno, a top 5% agent from Edmonton, Alberta.

I’ve got a confession to make. Not long ago, the job I love was making me miserable.

You see, real estate is a fast-paced sport, where quick responses can get you the lead or close the deal.

But the busier I got, the harder it became to manage my communications. I’d watch leads slip away and stress over my failure to follow-up with clients.

Thankfully, I now have an assistant that helps me when I’m swamped. I get better qualified leads, happier clients, and way more referrals.

In less than a year, my sales DOUBLED!

So if you find yourself facing the same problem in your real estate business, I’d like to share my secret with you now.

Meet Gabbi

A super intelligent AI assistant who stays by your side throughout the entire customer journey.

Built By Agents, For Agents

Gabbi was built by top-performing agents to help nurture leads, respond to clients, and keep track of important communications.

SMS, Email, and Voice - Together At Last

Review and respond to texts, calls, and emails all in one place. Gabbi keeps a chronological timeline of all your communications, from any source.

An AI Assistant That Never Sleeps

Integrated with MLS, Gabbi can book showings, follow up with clients, and help you manage tasks, all by itself.

Convert Cold Leads

New leads are a flight risk. You have minutes to respond before they move on to another agent.

Gabbi uses natural language processing to interact with new leads, understand their questions, and provide smart responses.

Delight Your Clients

Thanks to full integration with MLS and other data sources, Gabbi responds to clients right away to keep the sale moving forward.

She also provides a quick snapshot of what your clients want and where they are in the sales process.

Eliminate Tedious Tasks

Booking showings is the worst. It's super annoying and takes forever.

No problem. Gabbi checks availability with listing agents, books available properties, and sends you a schedule with the best route to take.

Manage Vital Communications

When it comes time to send vital information to other industry professionals, Gabbi makes it easy to keep track and stay organized.

Gabbi links conversations you have with mortgage brokers, lawyers, or contractors back to the client for rapid recall of their unique situation.

Collaborate With Team Members

Want to debrief a team member on the progress of your client?

Simply hit send to transfer complete chat histories, including text messages, voicemails, and properties seen.

Gabbi Was Built By Agents, For Agents

The story of Gabbi really started 15 years ago with Redman Tech.

That’s how long my husband, Roberto Moreno and I have been working with agents just like you.

Redman is a pioneer in the industry, among the first to provide high- converting websites and lead-gen packages, while training thousands of agents reach new levels of success.

Three years ago, I followed my heart back into the sales world while Roberto led the development of Gabbi. And I’ve since proven that Gabbi is a new way for agents to work in the modern world.

But we want you to try Gabbi for yourself. You’ve noticed that real estate sales is changing fast and the agents who excel will take advantage of the technological revolution before us.

Be Among The First To Try Gabbi

We’re working with a small group of agents to take part in Gabbi’s evolution. If you’re a busy agent considering hiring an admin assistant, Gabbi is right for you.

And for being an early adopter, you’ll receive a free trial when we release Gabbi to the public. Fill out an application below.  

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